Our TITAN series rods are enhanced with titanium wires

US Patented titanium reinforcement for increased sensitivity & accuracy

Granted by the US Patent Office in May 2006, our TITAN Series rods are carbon fiber, graphite cores embedded & wrapped in titanium wires in a single spiral direction.

The absence of crossing wires allows increased sensitivity and casting accuracy, and eliminates the potential for crossing wires to separate when the rod flexes. This technology significantly increases rod responsiveness & control.

US Patent 


"Fishing rod strengthened with metal"

Why did we pick titanium (Ti)?


I started fly fishing about 30 years ago to enjoy the streams of East Tennessee with my husband. We have a collection of the usual, Orvis, Sage, Scott, but when I was introduced to the ADG rods by David in Memphis at an exposition, I was hooked so to speak!  I was sold on the combination of flexibility and strength in this titanium rod and it has become the only rod I use. My rod has been with me from the Smokies to the Ozarks to the Rockies, and from Alaska to Argentina.  Every fishing guide I’ve ever had wants to test cast it...then asks where I bought it!  I can’t say enough wonderful things about this amazing rod. 

Thanks also for your amazing customer service when I was in need of a quick repair. Your company is the best!

Debra Heaton

Superb strength to weight ratio


stronger than graphite (carbon fiber), which is what most fly rods are made of

Tensile strength is the maximum stress a material can withstand before breaking (measured in megapascals or pressure per square inch)

Ultimate tensile strength

(pressure per square inch)


63,000 PSI

434 megapascal



11,023 PSI

76 megapascal

Lightweight yet strong rods

Our titanium rods are far stronger than conventional fly rods with minimal differences in weight - the titanium wires are minimal, thin, yet effective


Corrosion resistant properties


corrosion resistant



corrosion resistant

Ti is used in structures exposed to seawater + freshwater, like boat hulls and submarines

Perfect for all-condition fly fishing

Our titanium fly rods offer extra strength and less weight with corrosion resistant properties. Take your ADG fly rod out on salt or freshwater without worrying about rusting or quality degradation from water composition



more flexible than carbon fiber

Modulus of elasticity measures how much stress a material can take without permenatntely deforming - a measure of flexibility. Lower amounts mean the material bends with less pressure applied

Ti is 2x more flexible than carbon fiber - requires 1/2 the pressure to bend



116 GPa


Carbon Fiber


228 GPa

Flexible rods that won't break & enhance your chances of success

With less pressure needed to bend, our rods offer the ultimate flexibility and bend without compromising structural integrity. This allows you to maneuver tactfully in close quarters or which ever direction you need to win the battle.


Heightened sensitivity

The hand-woven, tightly wound titanium wires increase your fighting sensitivity. When you can feel the rainbow trout nibble, you can respond immediately and start the fight. 


Titanium can stretch


its length before snapping (elongation at break) - one of the highest amongst metals. Ti is one of the most 'stretchiest' metals, allowing us to integrate thin, long Ti wires into our rods, ultimately providing more user sensitivity.

We offer extra sensitivity not afforded when you purchase regular graphite or bamboo rods. Extra sensitivity that might earn you several more catches.

Lightweight for effortless casts

Designed in Colorado, USA with material scientists, our rods' titanium structure significantly reduces weight and makes casts effortless

Our rods are lighter than conventional items

Our rods range from 3.3 oz (94g) to 5.6 oz (159g). Imagine a pack of cards - that's how much our lightest rod weighs (6'8" 3wt.) Take a pool ball and that's how our heaviest rod (9' 11/12wt.), which isn't heavy considering you can catch 150lbs giant trevally on it

Deck of Cards: 

3.3 oz

Two Tennis Balls:

4.0 oz

D Battery: 4.7 oz

5.1 oz

Billiard Ball:
5.6 oz

Rod Weight (oz)

Titan Rod


9' 7/8wt.


7'4" 7/8wt.


9' 5/6wt.


8' 3/4wt.


7'6" 6/7wt.


6'8" 3wt.


9' 8/9wt.


9' 9/10wt.


9' 11/12wt.


I’ve been fishing since I was 4 or 5 and fly fishing since I was 10 years old and have several different rods. A few years back I ran across ADG rods online and if I recall ordered 2 sent to me to try out. I was impressed with how smoothly they cast and matched my casting style. I initially ordered an 8/9 wt. and a 9/10 wt. They are both accurate for throwing big heavy bass bugs and weighted streamers and increased my casting distance.

They quickly became my go to rods and I now have one of nearly every rod they offer and some of their older discontinued models too. My true favorites are the 8/9 and 9/10 wt. for bass, striper, steelhead, pyramid lake cutthroats and surf fishing. They work great for throwing heavy weight forward lines and sinking shooting heads. Also,  a favorite is the 8’ 3 wt. for stealthy stream nymphing and dry fly fishing for pressured / picky trout when light lines and accurate presentations count. The shorter 3 wt. brush rod works well on small creeks and the short 7/8 wt.  bass rod for streamer / jig flies or in tournaments that limit rod lengths to 8’ or less.

David Fontaine - Northern California

9' 8/9wt.

Tip, mid, and full flex in one rod

Our integrated titanium system allows the rod to be "full flex," meaning all rod sections bend effortlessly. The strength + flexibility of our rod system allows the rod to be bent parabolically (even 180°) from handle to tip. 


Traditionally called a "caster's rod," there is less stiffness in the rod and delicate, lighter casts are required - let the rod do the work for you.

Precision and light effort are the trademarks of our rods. Spend hours on the water without feeling tired.

180° Flexibility




Titanium is ADG

Starting at $199 USD

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